10 best vitamins for adults and children


The popularity of vitamins has been growing in recent years and has now reached its peak: the world is obsessed with a vitamin boom. Instructions for taking multivitamins state, that one or two pills a day can shield childen and adults from various deseases. In this article we would like to tell you about the most popular vitamins.

10 best vitamins for adults and children

Vitamins contain all the necessary bialogically active substances
Vitamins contain all the necessary bialogically active substances


Vitamins for adults.

The concentration of nutrients in the food we eat decreases each year. Artificial pesticides, poor storage conditions, thermal treatment reduce the percentage of vitamins present in the food to almost a zero. Complex vitamin supplements have been developed to replenish our body needs.


Berocca is a complex of vitamins and minerals with a specifically targeted purpose. Vitamins B and C, magnium and calcium reduce emotional tiredness, releave nervous tension, enhance metobolism. The supplement is tailored for the people who have a disballanced diet, are exposed to a regular stress at work, as well as during the period of taking antibiotics. One course of Berocca lasts from seven days to up to one month.


Unlike Berocca, Supradin contains a larger number of vitamins and microelements. General practicioners prescribe this supplement as a profilactics of hypovitaminosis during spring and aurumn periods and during the recuperation from a desease. Supradin is meant for those who are on a diet, as well as for the "bad"'habits lovers. The dosage is prescribed by the GP depending on the health condition.

Vitamin need of an adult body is smaller than that of a child, with exceptions being the periods of intensive physical stress, pregnancy and lactation. Here we would like to pay particular attention to the vitamins tailored for the pregnant and for sportsmen.

Витамины для беременных
Pregnant women need the special vitamins

Vitamins during pregnancy


This vitamin is deservedly considered supplement number one by many obstetricians and gynecologists. One capsule a day provides the woman and the child with essential vitamins, minerals and microelements. Elevit-pronatal should be taken daily together with the meal always at the same time. It has been proved, that the use of the medication reduces the risk of many congenital malformations. Doctors recommend starting the course one month before the planned pregnancy date and continue up to lactation period.


Femibion is the favourite medication of Russian doctors and it has proved its efficiency: it reduces the risk of the congenital malformation of the fetus – the neural tube defect. The medication contains necessary nutrients for the child’s growth and development, including folic acid, vitamin E, and iodine. These elements cannot be derived from the food in a substantial quantity. The advantage of Femibion if compared to other vitamin complexes is that it also satisfies the need for iodine during pregnancy, so the future mother has no necessity to take iodine additionally to the supplement. Gynecologists prescribe Femibion during the pregnancy planning period, minimum three months before the planned impregnation. In case of a non-planned pregnancy doctors recommend to start taking the medication as soon as a positive Beta-hCG test has been received.


During pregnancy the woman becomes vulnerable. The lack of vitamins and minerals has a negative effect on the body. Dry skin, brittle hair and nails, anemia – these are the first signals to start taking the vitamin. This multivitamin complex helps prevent fetal malformations and helps the woman's body during pregnancy.

Витамины для спорта
The best vitamins for sports

Vitamins for sportsmen

Universal Animal pak

During physical activity the body loses not only water, but also sodium. Thus, the need for nutrients grows. A person doing sports more than three times a week needs an increased amount of vitamins and microelements. Universal Animal pak is among the top three and would suit those who work out intensively in the gym. High concentrations of nutrients fulfill the body's loss and ensure normal functioning at the cellular and tissue levels. This vitamin complex is suitable for both women and men, so you can freely organize a family body-building club in the gym without spending extra money on another jar of vitamins. For aerobic exercises it is better to choose other vitamins.

Ultimate nutrition

This medication is suitable for both intense power and aerobic workouts. The universal formula triggers metabolic processes in the body, helps to lose weight and stimulates a build-up of the muscle mass.

Витамины для детей
All the best - for children

Vitamins for children

ВVitamins and microelements are indispensable for the growth and development of the child. They participate in metabolic processes, psycho-emotional development, hormonal regulation. The lack of only one component may cause a malfunction of organs and body systems. Common symptoms of nutrients deficiency are increased fatigue, sleep and appetite disorders, growth retardation, decreased immunity, fragility of bones. The most popular vitamins are AlphaVit, Complivit, Pikovit, Supradin Kids, Vitrum baby.


Children older than one year can be given the complex of vitamins "Our baby". This vitamin complex together with nutrition satisfy the growing needs of the child's body. AlphaVit is suitable for the babies who don't receive breastfeeding anylonger.


Complivit was created by Russian manufacturers based on the needs of the child's organism and the dietary habits of the population. One tablet contains both vitamins and microelements. The advantage over other pills is that this vitamin complex can be taken without interruption during a whole year. A special formula Complivit ophtalmo has been designed for babies with eye disorders.


The creators of the medication took into account the taste preferences of the kids. In the city pharmacies Pikovit can be found the form of tablets, chewing pastilles, and syrup for children from one year. Different tastes and forms of Pikovit make the intake an exciting activity - a child cannot resist eating a tangerine bear!

Supradin Kids

The company Bayer, which is among the leaders on the pharmacological market, also produces vitamins for children from three years. Vitamins A, B, C, E, D, omega-3 and minerals - these are the main components for the growth and development of the baby - are gathered in Supradin Kids. The medication is prescribed for children with a weak immune system, nutritional deficiency, during the periods of a high physical activity and stress. The course of taking the complex is one month.

Vitrum Baby

Vitrum baby is suitable for children between the ages of two and five. It is a unique complex of thirteen vitamins and eleven microelements in one tablet. Soft fruit and vanilla taste would make a sweet tooth happy. Parents have to be ready that after having one vitamin the child will ask for another one, so the vitamin complex should be kept out of the child's reach.

It is hard to ensure sufficient intake of vitamins through food for an adult's or a child's body. Monotonous diets, the excess of fast carbohydrates, the wrong storage conditions and the improper hot treatment of food reduce the amount of nutrients to almost a zero. Popular vitamin complexes will provide for the body needs of different age groups. Before you start taking the medications, though, it is better to consult your doctor to find the optimal vitamin complex and avoid adverse side reactions.

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